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Helping leaders reach and organize people through smart emailing and texting.

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Send personalized emails and texts, track engagement, collect feedback, and centralize communication.

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Track custom member data, create events, manage attendees, delegate responsibilities, and send auto-reminders.

“I was worried about a learning curve for our group members, but then I realized... it's just emails and text messages!”

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“Even though we aren’t meeting in person right now, people are still able to see what needs to be done and get involved.”

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“Now I can email everyone a poll so our Bible Study group can vote on the topic of our next meeting!”

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“I like that I can see who has read my emails. It lets me know when someone isn’t involved, and gives me the opportunity to check in with them.”

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“Our meeting attendance has improved since we started using automatic event reminders.”

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“Our whole church is in! Each group has its own leaders and our Pastor can access everything.”

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Used by


  • Bible Study
  • Men's and Women's Groups
  • Prayer Groups
  • Knights of Columbus
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  • Parent Teacher Groups
  • Classroom Communications
  • Alumni Groups
  • Student Council
  • Learn more


  • Book Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Supper Club
  • Sports Teams
  • Learn more

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