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Has your group outgrown the reply-all? helps groups do more through better communication and organization.

How it works

Screenshots of the app feed and compose text message dialog

Smart Communication

Reach everyone in your group by easily sending emails and texts. Increase engagement with polls and signups, see who has read what, and keep all communication in one place.

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Shared Calendar

Keep organized with a calendar that shows everyone what is happening and who is involved. Manage attendees, publish online signups, and increase attendance with automatic reminders.

“Emails and text messages are as easy as it gets! There was no learning curve for our group members.”

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“ makes it easy to see who has read my emails and follow up when people fall behind.”

Screenshots of engagement report

“Now I send emails with polls in them so our Bible Study group can vote on the topic of our next meeting!”

Screenshots of an email with a poll in it

“We have better attendance at our committee meetings because of the shared calendar and automatic reminders.”

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“Online signups help us organize who is bringing snacks and drinks for our weekly Book Club meetings.”

Screenshot of online signups for snacks

“Our Prayer Group has grown because now we can stay in touch with everyone who shows up at our meetings!”

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“Our whole church is in! Each group has its own leaders but our Pastor can access everything.”

Screenshot of subgroups within a church

Used by

Church Groups

  • Bible Study
  • Men's and Women's Groups
  • Prayer Groups
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Learn more


  • Supper Club
  • Book Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Quilting Club
  • Learn more


  • Leadership Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Welcoming Committee
  • Liturgy Committee
  • Learn more

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