Easy classroom communication

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Reach students and parents where they are

Write your message, hit send, and reach all recipients in one shot through whatever contact info they've provided: either email or text. No hassle. No signups. No need to download something new.

Confirm communication

See who's opening your emails, and who might have missed something important. Send follow-up emails or texts as necessary, keeping everyone on the same page.

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Collect feedback

Want to arrange the next fundraiser or collect availability for chaperoning? Simply include a poll or form in your email. Responses, easily stored, can be used to filter future message recipients and create reports.

Centralize the conversation

Keep all emails, texts, and replies in one place — allowing for quick reference, easy oversight, and better continuity through the entire year.

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Manage what matters

Easily store and manage information like parent availability, interests, etc. Use this data to reach select recipients, or to personalize emails and texts.

Share events

Include in your messages event info that can easily sync with everyones Google, iCal, or Outlook calendars. Easily share your classroom calendar with students and parents alike.

An email reminder for an event
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Streamline signups

Use simple signups to schedule parent teacher conferences, organize who's responsible for classroom setup, bring snacks, etc. Manage assignments and send automatic reminders.

Capture contacts

Capture new student or parent contact information with a customizable online registration form, or turn on text-to-join so people can share their info with a simple text.

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Unify the whole school

Give administrators global oversight while empowering teachers and room parents to communicate and organize just their own classrooms.

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