How it Works

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Reach people where they are delivers your messages directly to people's inboxes or cell phones. Special keyed links allow members to access your group without having to log in, so getting started is seamless.

Track engagement

See at a glance who has opened your emails, understand which topics are engaging members, who is falling behind, and send followup emails or text messages as necessary.

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Collect feedback

Embed polls and forms right in your emails so it's easy to collect and organize feedback. For example, members can vote on meeting topics or fill out a survey about a new initiative with just one click!

Broadcast your events

Showcase events directly in your emails as well as on your shared calendar so everyone knows what is happening and who is involved. Automatic email reminders help keep your events top-of-mind.

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Manage online signups

Save time with online signups for things like coordinating snacks, setting up the meeting space, arranging carpools, and more! Post openings online, people signup, we send reminders!

Reach more people

Make it easy for more people to get involved by sharing signups for your events, accepting online registrations, or even collecting new people's contact information via text message!

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Track what matters

Create custom fields to track certifications, t-shirt size, emergency contacts, or any other information your group needs. Easily send messages or run reports just for members that match specific criteria.

Prepare for growth

Keep your communication in one central place through membership and leadership changes. Want to put a whole organization in Create subgroups and grant access to people as appropriate!

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Get started for free

Put up to 50 people in for free! Your emails and texts give members access to your group without having to log in.

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