FAQ for Ministry Scheduler Pro Users

What is Unison.io?

Unison.io is a new communication tool from Rotunda that helps connect and organize groups of people. It allows church leaders to reach parishioners by easily sending emails and text messages that can include rich content, like polls and RSVPs, and to quickly capture newcomers’ contact information via text message or online registration. It’s a powerful and robust tool designed to amplify your ability to reach and lead people.

Unison.io is Rotunda’s new baby, and we are excited to say that it’s clear that it will grow up to be another great success for your church!

How is Unison.io designed to help within my church?

Unison.io was created because a church is a collection of overlapping groups of people, for example, Knights of Columbus, the Men’s Club, and small groups. The church as a whole is also another group! The leaders of each of those groups have very similar needs that often go unmet, like making announcements, collection information from members, and organizing events. Unison.io was designed to help the people in all these groups, leaders and members alike.

Small group and ministry leaders love Unison.io because they can create polls, RSVPs, and potluck sign ups and easily track and manage responses. Pastors love Unison.io because they can quickly get their message out to more people with a consistent and scalable communication platform.

Does Unison.io integrate with Ministry Scheduler Pro?

No, Unison.io does not integrate with Ministry Scheduler Pro. Unison.io can, however, be used side by side with Ministry Scheduler Pro to provide your Ministries or other church groups a way to communicate and coordinate internally.

Can I import my volunteers from MSP or my CRM (like PDS or ParishSOFT) into Unison.io?

Yes. You can export your volunteers from MSP as a spreadsheet from the Rosterizer pane and then quickly import that spreadsheet into Unison.io. You can similarly export a list of members from your CRM and import it into Unison.io. See this article for instructions on how to import MSP volunteers into Unison.io. For further information, see this article for detailed instructions on exporting your volunteers from MSP, and this article for instructions on how to import a spreadsheet into Unison.io.

Will my MSP volunteers need a login for Unison.io? Do they need to sign up?

Volunteers do not need to sign up to receive announcements through Unison.io. Once you’ve imported them into Unison.io, they will start receiving your updates immediately, and they’ll be able to post comments and complete polls, etc., without creating an account.

Some actions, like adding a profile picture, will require that they “claim” their email address or mobile number by choosing a password. This password will be separate from their MSP password.

I love it! Where do I send questions, feedback, and suggestions?

We love hearing from you! You can reach us anytime at support@unison.io.

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