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Private group board
Keep all your group's communication in one central place. Your group's board is like a facebook wall, but free of advertising and private to just your group members. You can optionally turn off the ability for members to leave comments and just reserve that power for group leaders, which is especially useful in large groups. Use the search feature to easily find specific posts.
Email announcements with polls, RSVPs, and more
Create interactive, richly formatted emails to quickly share important information. Add action items, such as polls and RSVPs, to the body of your emails. Group members can easily click to complete an action item on their computer or mobile device, without having to create an account or login. Members that do not have email addresses can receive your announcements via text message.
Text message announcements
Send text messages directly to all or just some members of your group. Members who do not have phone numbers can receive your texts via email. All Unison plans start with 25 free text messages included. Additional messages after the first 25 are billed at USD $0.01 per message sent or received.
Custom fields and filtering
Collect and track any type of member information by creating custom fields. Easily track certifications, training, birthdays, t-shirt sizes, emergency contact, and more! Send announcements and assign action items to members based on the information in their custom fields.
Group calendar, photo, and document storage
Members can see important dates on your group calendar, and sync them to their personal calendar so they never miss another event. Easily find photos and documents, which are automatically sorted for easy access.
Hierarchical structure using subgroups
Keep your groups organized by creating smaller groups within larger, parent groups. Members of subgroups are automatically added to parent groups. Group leaders only have the ability to manage those groups for which they have been granted access, whereas organization administrators can manage all groups. Send announcements and assign action items to just members of particular subgroups or to all members of your entire organization.
Online registration forms
Make it easy for new members to join your group from your website using a customizable online form that looks great on any device. New members can be automatically added to the groups they join or can be set to require approval from a group leader.
Allow members to quickly and easily to join groups and get connected with your organization just by sending a text from their phones. Text-to-join makes it easy to onboard new members in the audience at church services or YouTube videos.
Searchable announcements and comments
Up to 1000 Unlimited
See past announcements and member comments on your group's board and search for specific content or authors.
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