Features Individual Plan Organization Plan
Smart emails
Send personalized emails to some or all of your group members. Filter recipients based on custom fields, collect feedback with polls and forms, and embed events that sync directly with Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook. Members without email addresses can receive your emails via text message.
Smart text messages (1¢ per message)
Send personalized text messages to some or all of your group. Links to events and other URLs are shortened automatically. Members without a phone number will receive your message via email. All plans include 100 free text messages. Additional messages cost $0.01 per message sent or received.
Engagement reporting
See which group members have opened your emails and which messages were unable to be delivered. Follow up via email or text based on who has received or opened your messages.
Custom fields and filtering
Use custom fields to keep track of whatever data is important to you, like t-shirt size, training status, or emergency contact information. Use these fields to filter recipients or as tokens to personalize your emails and texts. With the Organization Plan, custom fields can be shared with leaders of subgroups as appropriate.
Polls and forms
Collect feedback and data about your members using polls or forms embedded right in your emails. Export responses or use them to filter recipients of future emails and texts.
Shared calendar
Keep organized with a shared calendar that syncs with Google, iCal, and Outlook. Embed events in your emails and texts, manage attendees, delegate responsibilities with online signups, and send auto-reminders to improve attendance.
Online signups
Add signups to events or include them in your emails to ask people to fill roles or perform tasks, such as bringing snacks or setting up a meeting room.
Automatic reminders
Improve attendance for your events by automatically sending attendees email reminders.
Create subgroups that match your organization’s structure, then add leaders and members to their appropriate groups. Grant leaders administrative privileges to particular groups while empowering administrators with global oversight.
Online registration forms
Gather new members using a simple, customizable, online form that you can post on your website or attach to a QR code.
Easily capture contact information for new group members via text message! Perfect for quickly onboarding people who are not in front of their computer.

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