Features Individual Plan Organization Plan
Send Email Messages
Create interactive, richly formatted emails to share information with some or all of your group members, even if they do not have a Unison.io account. Members without an email address can receive your emails via text message.
Send Text Messages (1¢ per message)
Send text messages to some or all of the members of your group. Members without a phone number can receive your text message via email. All plans include 100 free text messages. Additional messages cost $0.01 per message sent or received.
Engagement Reporting
See which email addresses have bounced, which group members have opened your messages, and when. This is a great opportunity to see the effectiveness of your messages and identify which of your group members are the most engaged.
Polls and Forms
Collect feedback from your group members through polls or forms right from your email or text message. Gather opinions or paperwork, and track responses in real time. You can also manually set responses for specific team members.
Shared Calendar
Add events so group members will know about important dates, such as meetings, upcoming special events, or important milestones. Set up one-off or recurring events, add a physical location or virtual links, request RSVPs, and set optional, automatic reminder emails. RSVPs can be set with registration limits, guest attendee options, and can be set to only accept registrations within a certain time period. Members can then sync this calendar to their personal calendar so they never miss another event.
Public Facing Calendar
Publish your event calendar publically to encourage attendance and participation from people outside of your group. You can request RSVPs and invite the public to sign up for event needs, like helping with setup or bringing snacks.
Sign Ups for Needs or Tasks
Make sign ups available to group members or the public when you have specific needs or tasks that need to be accomplished, such as setting up chairs in your meeting room, providing snacks or beverages, or helping with cleanup.
No Member Login Required
All communication sent through Unison.io reaches your members where they are, whether that’s through email or text messages, without them needing to create a Unison.io account.
Custom Fields and Filtering
Collect and track any type of member information by creating custom fields. Easily record certifications, training completion, birthday, t-shirt size, emergency contact, and more! Send announcements and based on filtering by their custom fields.
Share Photos and Document
Attach photos or documents, up to 10 MB each, to your email or text messages, or add them inline with your message.
Searchable Communication
Up to 1000 posts Unlimited
End sifting through email chains trying to find important dates, documents, or responses. Search through all communication to and from your group, including document titles, filenames, recipient names, and message content.
Text to Join
Make growing your group effortless by letting interested members text-to-join.
Registration Forms
Create registration forms that look great on any device, making it easy to collect information from new members during sign up.
Hierarchical Structure for Subgroups
Create subgroups to match your organization’s structure, then add leaders and members to their appropriate groups. Grant leaders administrative privileges to particular groups. Communicate with everyone in your organization or within a specific group.

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