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Members don’t need an account

Adding members to your group is easy when they don’t have to sign up for an account! This is especially helpful for groups that change regularly, or who have non-tech savvy members.

Reach members with different contact preferences

Share info by email, text, or both! Members can set their preferred method of contact, including whether they get their messages as a daily digest. You’ll see better engagement when you reach out to members how they want.

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Ask and receive direct answers

Get prompt responses by adding polls and events right into your message. Vote on your next project, get an RSVP headcount for an event, or select your next Bible study passage.

Find information easily

Keep all of your group communication organized and searchable in a single place. Search by message content, filename, recipient, and more! No more searching through long email chains to find important information.

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Involve members with sign ups

Better involve your members by offering online sign ups for needs and tasks. Coordinate who is bringing food and beverages, setting up your meeting space, or serving in different areas.

Share with your community

Let others know about your activities by sharing your calendar with the public. Invite non-members to RSVP or participate in more meaningful ways by adding online sign ups, which will add them to your group for future communication.

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