A simpler way for people to sign up for services

Open safely at a reduced capacity with three easy steps to register, track, and follow up with people who attend services.

A screenshot of a group's Calendar
Step 1

Set up your services

Quickly create your services on a shared calendar. Choose registration limits to ensure that each service stays within your space’s maximum capacity.

Step 2

Share your calendar

When you're ready for people to register, simply add your public calendar link to emails, place it in your bulletin, or add it directly to your church website.

A screenshot of a group's Public Calendar
A screenshot of the Calendar Signup Settings dialog
Step 3

Automatic email reminders

Attendees are automatically emailed a reminder for each service. Using a link in the email they can update their registration in case their availability has changed.

See how quick and easy it is to setup a calendar people can use to sign up to attend services at your church.

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