A few frequently asked questions

What is Unison?

Unison is a communication tool designed to amplify your power to connect and organize groups of people. It can benefit small groups like a bible study group, hiking club, or room parent group, and it can also benefit large organizations with many different groups, like churches or schools.

Unison gives group leaders the power to communicate with their group members where they already are - in their email inbox and on their phones. Announcements made by group leaders are sent directly via email or text message to group members, and also posted on the group's board, which is much like a Facebook Wall, but private to your group and secure from advertising. Email announcements can contain special action items for organizing people, like RSVPs, polls, and signups. Each group in Unison also gets a calendar, a photo library, and a map, so important information is always just a few clicks away.

Why would I use Unison?

If you are involved in a small group, you have probably had an issue with information getting lost in reply-all email chains. That's not surprising, because email was not designed to organize groups of people. When organizing a group, having a little bit more structure to the communication goes a long way. Who is arriving when? Where are we going on Tuesday? Who is bringing what? The answers to those questions quickly get buried in unstructured emails or text messages, but with Unison, the answers are always at your fingertips.

If your organization has many groups, or you are connecting and organizing a large group of people, then Unison can help your entire organization or network communicate more effectively. Segment your community into unlimited tiers of subgroups and then grant access as appropriate to your group leaders, so that they can better manage and communicate with their people, while allowing management to access and oversee all the groups that make up your organization. Build professional, customizable registration forms that look great on any device. Track the information that is important to your organzation using custom fields. Unison amplifies your organization's ability to connect and organize people.

Watch: Using Unison for Small Groups.

How does Unison work from my members' perspective?

When you invite your members to your group, they'll receive a welcome email that contains a link to your group's board, and they'll start receiving emails whenever you make announcements. There is no action required on their part to join your group and start receiving emails.

The links in the emails sent to members have a special digital signature that allows them to access your group's board and any related card without logging into Unison. When they attempt to leave a comment or otherwise dig deeper into your board, they'll either be asked to complete their registration, if they have not done so already, by confirming their email and choosing a password, or they'll be prompted to log in.

Once they've completed their registration or logged in, they'll be able to leave comments on your group's board, complete action items, access your group's calendar and more.

How long has Unison been around?

Unison is still in development and beta testing, but at Rotunda Software we've been making people management software since 2005, and we serve over 3,000 organizations. We're taking all we've learned from that experience and applying it to Unison, and we are just getting started!

How many groups can I have?

As many as you want! Each group can have its own members, and you can manage an unlimited number of groups through one account. With the Organization Plan, you can create unlimited tiers of subgroups. Members of a subgroup will automatically be added to its parent groups.

Can other people in my organization administer a group I create?

Yes, you can have as many administrators of a group as you'd like.

What types of groups generally use Unison?

Unison is designed to help connect and organize any group of people who share a purpose.

A few types of organizations that can benefit from using Unison are churches, schools, youth groups, parent-teacher associations, college clubs, extra-curricular classes, and nonprofit committees. In personal settings it can be used to help organize a group trip or family gatherings. Unison can also be used in business settings, for example, to connect communities of vendors, agents, or building tenants.

Does Unison integrate with our CRM or church / school database?

Unison does not automatically pull or push data to a CRM or church / school database, but you can easily import contacts from a spreadsheet exported from that software.

How much does Unison cost?

You can try Unison for as long as you want with up to 50 people! However, those features geared towards larger organizations require a monthly fee to be accessed. Visit our Pricing page to learn more.

How secure is Unison?

The members of each group are completely private to that group. Unison is ad-free, and we will never sell your personal information, nor information about your group members. See our full Privacy Policy for more details.

What is the difference between Unison and Facebook?

Unison groups are private and ad-free. Both Facebook and Unison allow you to create events, upload files and take polls. However, using Unison you can also have members fill out forms (of which the answers will be kept private), sign up to bring items, and complete specific tasks. You can collect, track, and report on any information you'd like, and that data will be kept private in Unison. Facebook is a social platform with a group feature, while Unison is a tool specifically for group organizers who want an additional level of privacy, security, and professionalism.

What is the difference between Unison and Flocknote?

Unison can be used in a similar way to Flocknote in order to communicate with the different groups in your church. However, in addition to pushing out your messages, Unison helps organize information, and provides a central place where your group members can find important dates, times, and announcements. A group's calendar view can be synchronized with Google Calendar or Outlook. The map view allows members to visualize where events are taking place. Signups for things to do or bring make organizing potlucks a breeze. Organizations can track custom information about members and target announcments or action items based on that information.

The best way to understand the difference between Unison and Flocknote is to try Unison for yourself. If you are already using Flocknote and would like to transition to Unison, it's an easy process that does not require any work on the part of your group members. Just export your group members from Flocknote and import them into Unison, and they'll start receiving your updates from Unison immediately.