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What is is a web-based tool that combines smart communication tools with a shared calendar to help your small group do more.’s communication tools let you reach everyone in your group by easily sending emails and texts, increase engagement with polls and signups, see who has read your messages, and keep all communication in one place. Use the integrated shared calendar to show everyone what is happening and who is involved, manage attendees, publish online signups, and increase attendance with automatic reminders.

What makes more effective than email?

If you’re involved with a small group, you’ve probably had issues with important information getting lost in convoluted reply-all email chains, information being scattered between different communication platforms, or a lack of clarity in who is responsible for doing what. While email is a very powerful tool for communication, it’s not designed to gather and store information or to organize groups of people who meet or interact regularly. adds a layer of structure and organization into your communication to solve these problems. You’ll have better clarity on your events AND your members!

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What types of groups does support?

Any group that relies on organization can benefit from the smart communication and shared calendar features that offers. From church or school based groups like Bible Study, youth groups, parent teacher associations, and extra-curricular classes, to hobby groups such as book, gardening or quilting clubs, and even business committees like Board of Directors, social committees or special interest groups, can help every type of small group do more!

How does work from my members' perspective?

When you add a new member to your group, they’ll start receiving emails immediately, with no action required on their part to sign up to start receiving your messages. Every email or text message they receive will include special keyed links that allow them to access the group without having to log in. Once that member interacts with the group, by answering a poll, leaving a comment, or responding to an RSVP, will prompt them to complete their registration if they have not yet done so.

Can other people in my organization administer a group I create?

If you’re part of an organization that has many groups, or where people can be part of multiple or overlapping groups, can help organize your entire network. Administrators can get transparency into the activities of all groups, while individual Group Leaders can manage and organize their specific teams. You can have as many Administrators or Group Leaders as you’d like.

Does integrate with our CRM or other database? cannot currently pull or push data to or from a CRM or other database system. However, you can easily import members and their contact information from a spreadsheet exported from your system. Learn more on how to import contacts.

How secure is

All plans are completely ad-free, and the members of each group are completely private to that group. will never sell your personal information, nor the information about your group members. Please see our full Privacy Policy for more details.

What is the difference between and Facebook?

Facebook is a social media platform designed to connect friends and family to share personal updates and photos, with basic group features added on. is focused specifically on improving the communication and organization of your group, and the features have been purposefully designed and developed with a group in mind. Unlike Facebook, has a focus on privacy, security, and an added level of professionalism.

What is the difference between and Flocknote?

Although both and Flocknote can be used to communicate with your group, only creates a central place where your group members can go to find important dates, times, and announcements. With, your members can sync the group calendar to their personal calendar and sign up for needs or tasks related to specific events. As an administrator, you can see which members have received and opened your messages, to better your understanding of who your most engaged members are.

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